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Our Partnership With Griffin

Not only do our agents have the support of Griffin when it comes to any legal issues that may arise, but….



For Families

Every family, especially those with young children, should have a proper estate plan in place.  As one of Griffin’s practice areas, they can help ensure your current plan is appropriate and up-to-date or get a plan started for you. 

Family Business Legal

As a family-owned business, Griffin | A Professional Law Corp. understands the importance of building solid relationships and protecting their client’s assets, among other things.  That expertise now comes to you!

For Business Owners

The biggest benefit (other than financial) from owning a business is the asset protection it provides.  However, many business owners simply don’t know how to maximize that protection.  Griffin is here to help!

What do you get?

When you become a client of Avenue 23 Realty, whether you are buying, selling or leasing a property, your transaction will immediately receive expertise guidance from the lawyers at Griffin, should any issues arise!

In addition, upon successful close of the transaction, you’ll be presented with a certificate towards legal fees, for up to $1,500! At absolutely ZERO cost to you! Use it towards an estate plan or starting a business…the choice is yours!


Work With Us

If you believe we're  a good fit, let us know. We'll get in touch with you and discuss your needs further.

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